SASA aims to

    Equip people &

        Develop resources

            so that together we can

        Restore those wounded

    by sexual addiction

Letter to the BSA about Naked Attraction

  Lisa Taylor         advocacy  
On Nov. 28, 2017, SASA sent the following to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (a similar letter was submitted to TVNZ the previous day). To whom it may concern, We were highly disappointed to learn that the Broadcasting Standards Authority permitted

Managing Triggers Webinar

  Lisa Taylor      
Interactive Webinar for Partners of Sex Addicts: Friday 20th October 2017 understanding and managing triggers Auckland time 7-9pm Brisbane time 4-6pm Price: $100 NZD or AUD To register, contact Cat In this interactive webinar we will unpack some of the

Research: Porn Use and Sexism

  Lisa Taylor         research  
Does porn cause sexism in men? A study at the University of Nebraska says that the age at which a male first sees pornography is associated with certain sexist attitudes later in life. Their survey revealed the younger the first

APSATS Training Event

  Lisa Taylor         events  
SASA is pleased to announce it will host a four-day certification training event this July for therapists working with spouses/partners of those with sexually addictive behaviours. The event is being run in conjunction with the Association of Partners of

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